"By far the most fun of any store on the Northshore! Electric trains, 10 foot tall plush animals and a wonderful selection of sample toys and items for kids to try. And they assembled, wrapped and delivered the stroller I purchased … to my door … the next day … for Free!"
Rebecca C.
Highland Park, IL
Fabulous book nook!   Lots of unique books and a selection the likes of which I've not seen anywhere else.
Deborah J.
Winnetka, IL
Wendy made choosing exactly the right gift so easy. She was helpful, knowledgeable and delivered the gift right to their home!
Sarah P.
Lake Bluff, IL
As a first-time Mom, the idea of shopping for baby stuff was overwhelming.   But Beanstalk a beautiful store and the staff was truly amazing. They took the time to walk me around and review all of their unique and incredible products to help narrow down selections and provide great ideas.   I left Beanstalk feeling confident and excited to welcome my new baby into this world!
Tina A.
Houghton, MI
Visiting from Alaska we found Beanstalk the perfect place for gifts for friends and family back home. An amazing selection of books and toys … and people that took a genuine interest in what we were after. They wrapped, packed and shipped everything so it all arrived the day I returned home!
Cathy L.
Homer, AK
Beanstalk gets better and better every time I go there! I recently purchased a stroller and they spent an hour and a half patiently helping me find the perfect one for me. I will be back soon for some holiday gifts. The selection is fabulous!
Jennifer G.
Chicago, IL
Beanstalk is my favorite place on the North Shore for baby gifts! I love that it is locally owned and everyone who I've worked with there is always wonderful. Their merchandise is definitely unique and I know they will always help me find that perfect special gift
Alison S.
Highland Park, IL
Thank you, Wendy for making Beanstalk such a pleasure to shop. Your suggestions make the difference when I need a special present for one of my kid's friends! I love this place!
Lauren S.
Glencoe, IL